How Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

For most women, there is nothing more important than their hair. A woman’s hair is more than just an accent piece, it’s a symbol of expression, and even an extension of who you are and how you are feeling at the time. From that no-nonsense ponytail – that just screams to the world “I mean business!”, that fun up-do that you and your friends might try for a girl’s night out, to the wavy long, luscious hair you only pull out for the hottest of hot dates.

There’s nothing more alarming to a woman than coming to the realization that you may be losing your hair! Hair loss in women is far more common than you might think, more than just a few strands left on a hairbrush, women around the world from every race and age group are losing their hair in clumps, and handfuls. That’s why medical spas everywhere, like Aesthetic Solutions NY in Rego Park, offer some of the best hair restoration treatment options for women, around. From prescription meds, and to hair transplants, and even purchasing a wig – there’s a lot to think about when you are trying to find the best hair restoration treatment for you. One of the most revolutionary, new, and probably best hair restoration treatment options available today is called PRP Acell Hair Restoration, PRP as many knows stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP technology has a number of different applications in medicine, from common knee surgeries to dentistry – but as of the last few years it has come to be known as the best hair restoration treatment for both men and women suffering from premature hair loss or alopecia.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy works by using the body’s own restorative nature, to help regenerate cells! A patients’ own blood is drawn from anywhere in the body, and it is then added a centrifuge which spins the blood around extremely fast working to separate the valuable platelets from the extra substances. The platelets are then combined with growth factors – creating a valuable injectable substance that is then injected into the treatment site. Once the PRP substance is injected into the treatment area it creates a bio-matrix that heals and repairs all types of damaged tissues.

Working in a similar fashion to stem cell therapy growth factors, the PRP stimulate the growth of a previously damaged hair follicle and causes the additional growth to occur. Considering that our hair follicles have a 3-part growth cycle, it will generally take 4-6 months for patients to see any significant changes to their hair’s appearance. The procedure has almost no side effects or downtime as well! PRP hair restoration at Aesthetic Solutions has amazing results, and a number of satisfied customers – that’s why many consider PRP to be the best hair restoration treatment available today.