Hyperhidrosis and Overactive Underarm Sweating Treatment

Sweating is one of the most important functions for human beings, as it is the main method by which we are able to regulate our body temperature and keep from overheating. Our brain makes us sweat for any number of reasons in addition to just temperature regulation. During times of duress, or when our nerves get the best of us, or during times of mental or physical stressing and straining. And no matter your age, race, sex or level of health you will sweat. However, many of us tend to have overactive sweating issues. This is the result of a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis or overactive sweating. If you are in need of excessive underarm sweating treatment or hyperhidrosis treatment, then the expert cosmetic staff at Aesthetic Solutions can help you alleviate your sweating issues using a number of revolutionary new treatment methods. Hyperhidrosis treatment is far more common than many would believe, as patients from all walks of life have hyperactive sweat issues. However, the first step towards hyperhidrosis treatment is to diagnose and understand if you truly have an issue or if you are simply a person who sweats slightly more than the average person. The professionals at Aesthetic Solutions are offering the following ways to identify if you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

· Sweating Unnecessarily: For those patients who might sweat often and at the most inopportune times, hyperhidrosis treatment might be for them. If you notice yourself sweating in the cold winter, or randomly while watching TV, hyperhidrosis may be the issue.

· Constant Underarm Sweat Stains: One sure fire way to tell if you have an underarm over sweating issue, is that your underarms are constantly sweating, and sweat stains can be visible on your underarm area, no matter the temperature or the time of day.

· Sweating So Much You Need to Shower: For those individuals who sweat so much that showering may be their only respite from bad body odor, and pungent odors in your clothes, hyperhidrosis treatment may be for you.

· Sweat that Damages Clothing: For those who constantly change their shirts on a daily basis, the constant sweat in the underarm area can cause permanent hardening and/or staining of your shirts in the underarm area. This is a sure sign you need hyperhidrosis treatment.

· You MUST Carry Deodorant or Anti-Perspirant: Many of those who suffer from hyperhidrosis constantly carry deodorizers, and similar products with them everywhere they go.

· Deodorant or Anti-Perspirant Don’t Work: Regardless of how strong they are, if your deodorant or antiperspirant never seem to do the job right, then you definitely are in need of hyperhidrosis treatment.

· It Runs in the Family: Hyperhidrosis has somewhat of a genetic link to it, therefore, those who suffer from it, will almost undoubtedly have a family member or two that suffers from the issue as well.

· Wet Underarms: If your underarms feel WET for long periods throughout the day, then you are clearly in need of hyperhidrosis treatment.

· Rashes or Irritations: If you are sweating so much that you have a tendency to get rashes and irritations under your arms, then it is very clear that you are in need of hyperhidrosis treatment.

If you are suffering from multiple issues above then be sure to contact Aesthetic Solutions NY today, and find out about our amazing hyperhidrosis treatment options.