Pregnancy & Spider Vein Treatment

For many women who may soon eb expecting, you are aware of the vast array of changes your body is currently going through. While almost every single symptom of your 9-month odyssey is in order to create a strong, protective environment for your soon-to-be-born child, some such symptoms can become a nightmare for you, affecting you both mentally and physically. One of the most common issues for pregnant women is spider veins; as pregnant women are the most common group seeking spider vein treatment today.
Spider veins are unsightly, unwanted wiry thin blue and sometimes red venous lines that appear up and down your legs, often becoming far more common with aging. At Aesthetic Solutions NY are expert cosmetic staff uses both revolutionary, new and classic, conventional methods of spider vein treatment. Spider veins are strongly dilated blood vessels or capillaries that appear from underneath the skin’s surface, often appearing in single, solo lines, or in huge branches or clusters. Spider vein treatment is extremely popular, not so much in an effort to better one’s health, but more so for the cosmetic benefit spider vein treatment provides. Spider veins, whether they are singular or in branches, often come along with slight to even moderate bruising along the area, making your legs look dark, drab, and even dirty. Some of the contributing factors of pregnancy that cause spider veins to occur are sudden weight gain, hormonal changes, heredity, and the constant sitting or standing, as many pregnant women tend to be less active than they normally would be.
Due to the imbalance of hormones, many pregnant women become extremely self-conscious of the weight gain, and lack of mobility during their pregnancy. And the last thing they need to be dealing with is the aesthetic nightmare of spider veins. That’s why many pregnant women immediately seek spider vein treatment from Aesthetic Solutions. At Aesthetic Solutions are most common and well-received method of spider vein treatment is a procedure known as sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a 100% safe, and extremely effective method of spider vein treatment, and overall venous treatment as well. This non-invasive, outpatient procedure begins using a tony needle which is inserted into the unwanted spider vein. Once the needle reaches the inner cavity of the vein, a strong medical liquid fills the vein, causing a breakdown of the collagen that makes up the venous walls, causing them to close and become completely stuck together. This form of spider vein treatment effectively closes the vein shut and causes the blood within to be rerouted into a healthier, better functioning vein.
Once the vein shuts, it essentially dies, and after a period of 1-2 months in some cases, it will eventually disappear, becoming absorbed into the body, and parts being expelled as waste. This allows many women, both pregnant and non-pregnant to look and feel much better and prevents them from having to feel self-conscious about their appearance. For more information about spider vein treatment or other cosmetic services, be sure to contact Aesthetic Solutions NY today.